The Journey Begins

The Journey Begins


Welcome to the Clanfield Sports & Community Centre. As you will all be aware it has been along process filled with lots of frustration not only from the residents but also from the teams of people on the parish and other areas that have been working tirelessley to get this completed.

Well were pleased to say that those key hurdles are now out the way and you will have seen from the press release that working with the Clanfield Parish Council, the Clanfield Sports and Community Foundation has been selected to run the centre. I am sure everyone is excited and are asking the three key questions, WHO, WHAT & WHEN. As you will expect I can not give you all the answers in this blog message, but I can give you some outlines below of where we will be going:


First thing for everyone to be aware of we are a not-for-profit, charity-based organisation run by people in the community for the community. We felt this was absolutely key that we did not want a business to come in and run the centre making profits that we could not re-invest into amazing events that can benefit us all.  

Our vision as an organisation is to help to create and sustain “A VIBRANT, HEALTHY, ENGAGED and PROSPEROUS community As such we have separated our core focus into three main objectives :



We are currently finalising the sports that we will be offering but as a snapshot of what has been confirmed so far here are some of the exciting activities that will benefit the community:

CONFIRMED: Netball (Indoor & Outdoor), Tennis (Indoor & Outdoor), Football, Volleyball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Indoor Cricket and Indoor Athletics


We are currently working with the local NHS, council and education facilitates to offer a range of services which will be covered in more detail during the open afternoon.





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